「桃」 夏の象徴と深遠なメタフォー


桃は美味しい果物だけでなく、様々な文化や伝説にも深く伝わってきた。 古代中国の伝説によると、仙人たちは桃を食べて不老不死になったと言われている。
夏の桃が告げてくれるのは、人間の存在そのものを祝うことの大切でもある。 それ故に、夏の暑さの中で桃を食べる瞬間は、人生の一部として、また、この世界の一部として存在する喜びを味わう貴重な時間となる。
桃の季節は一年のうちで短いため、その価値と特別感がわく。 それはいわば、人生の中の特別な瞬間や記念日を祝うようなものだ。 夏が来るたびに、桃という存在が私の生活に色を添え、その瞬間を貴重にする。まさに桃源郷にいる気分だ。

(ChatGPT 勝爺)2023-08

The first time I ate peaches was when I was in elementary school. I brought it as a souvenir when my sister's boyfriend came from Tokyo. The skin can be easily peeled off by hand, revealing smooth skin. Its sweet and sour taste and juiciness are etched in my memory. It is still one of my favorite fruits.
Peaches are not only a delicious fruit, but also deeply rooted in various cultures and legends. According to ancient Chinese legend, immortals ate peaches and became immortal.
In addition, the Japanese folktale "Momotaro" is also derived from peaches. A story about a hero born from a big peach, who exterminates demons. Again, the peach is depicted as a metaphor for life, courage, and hope.
However, while thinking about this profound metaphor that begins with peaches, we don't eat them.
In a way, peaches are proof that we are humans and that we are alive. By feeling the flavor, we reconfirm that we are creatures with five senses.
What summer peaches tell us is the importance of celebrating human existence itself. Therefore, the moment you eat a peach in the heat of summer is a precious time to savor the joy of being part of life and part of this world.
The peach season is short in the year, which makes it worthwhile and special. It's like celebrating a special moment or anniversary in your life. Every time summer comes, peaches add color to my life and make that moment precious. It really feels like being in Togenkyo.