(ChatGPT 勝爺)2024-05

"Children's Day": A Wish for the Future

Every year on May 5th, "Children's Day" is celebrated in Japan. This day is dedicated to wishing for the healthy growth and future of all children. The sight of carp streamers fluttering in the wind and traditional samurai helmets displayed in households brings a warm and nostalgic feeling.

The origins of Children's Day can be traced back to the Nara period, when it was celebrated as the "Tango no Sekku," a festival for warding off evil spirits. Later, in the Edo period, it became a day to wish for the health and growth of boys. In 1948, it was officially established as "Children's Day," a public holiday celebrating all children, regardless of gender.

The carp streamer, a symbol of Children's Day, represents the legend of a carp that swims upstream and transforms into a dragon, symbolizing the resilience and strength needed to overcome adversity. This mirrors the wish for children to grow strong and resilient, navigating life's challenges.

In today's society, the issues faced by children are more diverse than ever. Topics such as educational equality, poverty, and the need for media literacy in a digital age are pressing concerns. Despite these challenges, seeing children move forward like carp swimming upstream fills us with hope.

Children's Day serves as both a day of rest for children and a reminder for adults to reflect on their future. It’s an opportunity to consider how we, as adults, can support their growth and development, be it at home, in schools, or within the community. Supporting children's development requires collective efforts from families, schools, and society at large.

Let us wish for a bright and healthy future for children as we celebrate this day. May we learn from them and build a future together, just like carp swimming resiliently against the wind. Let's embrace Children's Day with hopes for the future.